How to Pray Under Pressure for the Impossible


I am thrilled to let you know that this coming Sunday TC will be officially declared an established church! 

This Sunday you will have to opportunity to meet our District superintendent, Eric Hallett. This will be Eric's third visit to Transformation Church. This will be a very special visit because Eric will do the official declaration that we are an established church. This coming Sunday will be a big day in the life of our church! 

Eric will also be acknowledging and praying a blessing over three of our people who are on track for ministerial licensing. Randy Coates recently became a licensed minister, and Caleb MacCallum and Jeremy Darrow are both on track for licensing. We will take a few minutes during our service to both recognize and pray for them. 

Eric has also told me the Lord has put a specific message on his heart for us here in Thunder Bay. He has sensed the Lord leading him to  preach from Daniel 2 and to challenge us with "How to pray under pressure for the impossible." I believe this is going to be a timely word for us as we continue taking significant steps forward together as a church. 

Come and join us this weekend for what I believe will be a very special and memorable service!